Polyamide Resin

Polyamide Resin

Publish: 2015-08-12

Product Name: Polyamide Resin

Property: yellowish granula or crushed transparent solid, has good chemical stability, good adhesion on polyethylene material, especially be fit for printing on polyethylene film, plastic film such as tinsel composite laminated film, water-fast and good folding endurance. The printing ink which is made from this polyamide resin has good adhesion, high gloss, low freezing point, good solvent release and good compatible with nitrocotton.

Application: mainly used to produce gravure plastic printing ink, paper printing ink and hot-melt adhesive

Packaging: Paper and plastic bag, 25kg/bag, or as client’s request

Storage: store in a cool and dry place


Acid Value Amine Value Viscosity Softening Point Color Freezing Point
mg KOH/g mg KOH/g mpa·s/25℃ Fe-Co
TX108 Co-soluble
for general
≤5 ≤5 100-108 100+5 ≤7 5+2
TX188 Co-soluble
for cold-resisting
≤5 ≤5 100-108 112+5 ≤6 -5+2
TX308 Co-soluble
for hot-resisting
≤5 ≤5 120-180 140-200 ≤6 ≤8
TX388 Co-soluble
for high-purity
≤5 ≤5 100-180 112+5 ≤6 +2
TX508 Alcohol-soluble
for general
≤5 ≤5 100-180 120+5 ≤7 +4
TX588 Alcohol-soluble
for heat-resisting
≤6 ≤6 100-150 100-180 ≤7 =-10